Ever asked yourself whether you are living the life you really dreamed of? Whether the choices you made were really yours? Could things be better? Do you know where you’re heading? Simple questions that many of us find surprisingly hard to answer.


“The Life Bridge” was written to guide you towards those answers, and to help you identify, attract and turn your dreams, wishes and goals into a reality. It was written for anyone looking for both meaning and practical guidance - and works for everyone, at any stage of life.

You cannot go back and start from scratch, but you CAN create a new and different path forwards in this complex, ever-changing world we live in. What it takes is a new mind-set. Step-by-step, “The Life Bridge” will lead you on a personal journey of inner growth from the unconscious to the conscious and show you how to:


  • - Identify, visualize and attract what you dream of. Create the balance between the present and the future that opens the door to growth.

  • - Challenge and change habits that prevent positive change

  • - Find your authentic self and channel your energy

  • - Let go and ask the universe for help, and listen to the answers it provides

  • - Get in touch with your intuition and live by it. Decide with your ❤ not your head

  • - Identify types of energy and their impact on you and others

These simple concepts are presented in a down-t0-earth, conversational style that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before! Useful, practical exercises are included to lead you along your path to a more rewarding future, and help you discover a deeper meaning in life.

Watch Ulrik Nerløe in an interview about The Life Bridge Book on KABC TV in Los Angeles:

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