5.0 out of 5 stars: You’re already on the bridge. Now get it to stop swaying.

By Gary Moreau on February 6, 2018 – Published on Amazon.com

This is a book about living consciously in the moment. But while there are many books in the market that could be described similarly, this one goes well beyond the relatively superficial subject matter covered by most of them. And it is superb!

The Life Bridge is a metaphor for bridging your gratitude for the present and your dreams for the future. In the language of the author, it is a bridge between your heart and your cloud (your dreams for the future). The bridge itself is energy, which I will let him explain, and he shows you how to understand it, channel it, and let it work for you.

All of which sounds a lot more “new age” than it is. Ulrik Nerloe is a Danish thinker and personal coach, not a mystic or monk. His career, in fact, looks a lot more like yours and mine that you might expect. He does believe in the importance of spirituality, but he defines it in the simple terms of exploring what it means to be human, not in any commonly defined religious way.

Nerloe’s bridge and his ideas are quite easy to grasp and to embrace if you accept one fundamental premise: everything is interconnected in ways we are only beginning to understand. It is the truth that science and technology are revealing and I personally embrace it completely.

The same gravitational pull that caused Newton’s apple to fall to the ground, scientists now know, ultimately travels to the far end of the universe. Climatologists, similarly, now realize that we can’t think of polar ice caps, the savannah of Africa, or the rain forest of the Amazon, as discrete and localized environments. All are part of a delicate global ecosystem.

Likewise in the health sciences and other forms of traditional academic discipline. Doctors no longer study just hearts or kidneys. They recognize that we must think of both wellness and illness not in terms of disease, or the failure of physical organs, but in terms of the balance, or lack thereof, achieved between complex and inter-related mental, physical, and digestive systems. Economists, similarly, now recognize that we can’t assume theoretical consumers in our economic models; we must study human psychology to understand how real life consumers actually behave and why.

Balance, in fact, is the key. Your dreams are achieved when the bridge is in balance; there is equilibrium between your heart and soul, your present and your future.

For most of us, modern life has thrown our lives out of balance. And we often think of technology as the cause. It has dramatically changed the way we live, learn, and work. In fact, however, technology changes nothing. It simply reveals the reality that has been there all along but which we did not recognize. If science and technology do anything, they simply reinforce just how connected everything and everyone is.

Ultimately, Nerloe insightfully notes, what we all seek is freedom. And that universal desire for freedom, I believe, is our recognition of the interconnection that Nerloe refers to. In the interconnected universe we are lost if we allow the far side of the interconnection to define us. Freedom is about achieving balance and defining as much about our lives as we are defined by them (and others).

When we are overwhelmed by the far sides of our interconnections, we apply, in Nerloe’s vernacular, plasters. We fret; we worry; we drink; we take anxiety medication; we escape to our burdensome work schedules and extreme sports. Reinstate balance and the plasters become unnecessary.

In the end, this is a very good book and the timing couldn’t be better. If you’re worried about the language of “consciousness”, look past it. Language is an arbitrary human convention developed for ease of communication. It literally “means” nothing. It is merely suggestive. It is the reality behind and beyond language that matters. And that’s ultimately where Ulrik’s bridge goes.

Thank you, Ulrik Nerloe.



5.0 out of 5 stars: A truly inspiring book

By Erik Moreno Nielsen on 8 January 2018 – Published on Amazon.com

A truly inspiring book, that has helped me reframe priorities in my life, and take a new direction. The life bridge encourages you to reflect and look for a deeper sense of meaning in your life. Helping you bring to awareness your priorities, and what is important to you, in this life. Personally, this book has encouraged me to reach my goals, some of which I am already achieving. The book is full of practical examples that can be used from day one, which enable you to begin your own journey as soon as you get started reading.



5.0 out of 5 stars: Like this book does

By Lars Herlow on 7 January 2018 – Published on Amazon.com

Few times, if ever, have iI read something that made me think, and reflect over me, my self & I, my life and my choice’s, like this book does. I think this could be a book that will change many people’s way of thinking, reflecting & choosing their path in life….and therefore change their life’s….



5.0 out of 5 stars: Love the book and I will recommend it to everyone

By Marc Poulsen on 7 January 2018 – Published on Amazon.com

This book really changed my life by making me take the next step towards my dreams. Love the book and I will recommend it to everyone.